If you're here looking for this, you know what it is and what it does.
Price for bare PCB, not including and valve sockets, components or installation.

NOTE: No support will be provided. This is an item intended for experienced technicians or to be purchased in combination with a repair job only.


  • 2oz copper (double sided for trace and clearance optimisation)
  • Through plated holes
  • 1.6mm thick TG 150-160 FR4 substrate
  • Improved heater traces for lower hum (double sided PCB)
  • Cathode current sense resistors with test points for checking bias -use 2 x 1w, 1%, 1ohm resistors, or wire link if not desired (neither included)
  • Isolation slots between pads to prevent arcing.
Brand BGG

Great Job

By: on 19 May 2023
Thanks Brad. This board worked a treat in a heat stressed Blues Junior we just got in. So pleased I bought a couple of them.

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