About Us

Located at the foot of the Blue Mountains NSW, we're here to offer products and services that aren't easy to find these days. With a focus on quality rather than quantity and specialising in lesser marketed brands which the pros prefer, you can trust us to get your rig purring.
With a background in electronics as well as fine architectural joinery, Brad is well equipped to tackle the kind of luthier and electronic work that most other techs will refuse. Check out the workbench news feed in the "Our Blog" section here
We're not a faceless online store or a drop-shipping only service. We have a bricks and mortar store where you can come for advice, see the jobs on the bench in our open plan workshop at the back of the store, check out and listen to the local artists vinyl for sale on our range of turntables, or play the ACTUAL instrument or device you're interested in buying, then get it calibrated to your needs before taking it home.
Drop in and say hi!