Services / Repairs



As a condition of receiving a device or instrument for servicing and/or repair, a bench fee is to be paid upfront per device or instrument and is not refundable under any circumstance, regardless as to whether the device or instrument is serviceable and/or repairable for a reasonable cost or at all due to part availability etc.

These fees cover the time to attain any required documentation, assess the item, research parts and/or material availability and pricing, then issue an estimated service and/or repair cost. The fee will be deducted in full from the final invoice once the service and/or repair is complete. All fees shown include GST. All prices exclude any postage or handling costs.

CATEGORY 1- $125:

all amplifiers, keyboards, synthesizer modules, mixing consoles, multi-effects pedals / processors, studio/live rack equipment, powered speakers, HiFi components

CATEGORY 2 - $75:

guitar pedals, turntables, active microphones, instrument onboard preamps.

CATEGORY 3 - $50:

stringed instruments, passive microphones, passive speakers, power supplies.


Terms & Conditions: Quote is strictly valid for 30 days. All reasonable care but no responsibility will be taken for the condition of the equipment. Minimum turnaround for any repair is 14 days from the date of this quotation. Extra 50% labour cost will be incurred for expedited turnaround (1 day minimum). Extra costs may be incurred if additional issues are found after equipment has been restored to a functional state. All digital patches / settings / presets may be lost during the repair / assessment process. Warranty on all repairs is strictly 90 days. Warranty does not cover misuse or damage not caused by Bradley Webb. Uncollected goods will be disposed of or sold to recoup repair / assessment costs as per Uncollected Goods Act 1995. Ownership of all goods, materials & intellectual property supplied by Bradley Webb as referenced in the final invoice remain the property of Bradley Webb in accordance with the Retention of Title Clause until the final invoice is paid in full. Outstanding payments may result in suspension of services and/or additional fees.